Solidia Technologies® has progressed to the second round of the ERA Grand Challenge Innovative Carbon Uses from Round One. Their technologies reduce the carbon footprint of cement and
concrete up to 70%.
First, their process results in lower GHG emissions during cement production, and second, their technology uses carbon dioxide emissions, that would normally be released, and permanently sequesters it during the curing process. As a further benefit, water consumption is reduced 60 – 80% in the manufacturing process.

In addition to its environmental benefits, the technology improves the workability, durability and aesthetics of the concrete products, and they reach full strength in 24 hours as compared to the 28 day-curing process required for traditional concrete.

Based in New Jersey, Solidia has paired with Lafarge, one of the major cement producers in Alberta, to pilot test their technology. They are currently in commercialization for precast products, such
as pavers for landscape market.