Cenovus will partner with FSG Technologies Inc. to demonstrate FSG technology, also known as Flash Steam Generation, for production of steam for in-situ oil sands extraction.

FSG’s novel boiler design may enable more efficient steam generation and eliminate some of the water treatment infrastructure typically required to support in situ projects, which is expected to result in meaningful cost reductions and lower GHG emissions. FSG units could be deployed in lieu of conventional once-through steam generators and associated water treatment equipment at new in situ extraction facilities, while smaller scale versions could be used at existing facilities.

The FSG technology may reduce GHG emissions by up to 14% compared to conventional steam generation and water treatment. In addition to reducing GHG emissions, implementation of an FSG in-situ facility is expected to achieve up to a 20% reduction in capital expenditures and a 15% reduction in operating expenditures, compared with conventional technology.