Demonstration of Battery-Based Bus Charging Routes


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    Edmonton, AB

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eCAMION is partnering with the City of Edmonton and the Universities of Alberta and Calgary to demonstrate core technology solutions that are required to electrify Alberta’s transit, thus transitioning buses from highly emissive diesel to Alberta’s grid electricity. In the first phase, up to 1.5 MWh of energy storage will be installed at the City of Edmonton’s KATG facility, demonstrating dynamic energy storage aggregation algorithms to predict and provide the necessary power for electric buses.

In the second phase, the project will design and demonstrate a battery-based bus charging station operating with a DC microgrid architecture with applicable use for both depots and on-route charging stations. The bus charging station will also demonstrate a high-density power converter using next-generation semiconductor materials. As part of the project, eCAMION will also develop an Alberta-based Centre of Excellence for technology development, testing and validation, and system manufacturing.