Carbon Copy is a podcast about the technology, engineering and economics of a low carbon future.

Episode 7

Rethinking Hydropower

In this episode, we talk with Gia Schneider from Natel Energy about a new kind of hydropower built around a new kind of turbine.

Episode 6

Storing Emissions in Roads, Bridges, and Buildings

In this episode, we talk with Rob Niven from CarbonCure about the future of concrete and how we build.

Episode 5

The Energy Beneath Our Feet, Pt. 2

In the second of two parts, Mark explores geothermal and the energy beneath our feet with John Redfern of Eavor Technologies.

Episode 4

The Energy Beneath Our Feet, Pt. 1

In the first of this two part series, Mark explores SAGD thief zones and getting the most out of the energy beneath our feet, with Julian Ortiz from ConocoPhillips.

Episode 3

Battling the Burps

In this episode, we talk with emissions consultant Karen Haugen-Kozyra about methane, cows, and how the beef industry is battling the burps.



Special Episode: Grand Challenge Retrospective

In this special episode, Mark talks with Elizabeth Shirt, Executive Director of Policy and Strategy with Emissions Reduction Alberta, about the vision and history of ERA’s Grand Challenge: Innovative Carbon Uses.

Episode 2

Unlocking Hydrogen

In this episode we learn how to unlock the power hidden inside the most abundant element in the universe; hydrogen. Mark discusses hydrogen fuel cells and the future of transportation with energy system expert Dr. David Layzell.


Episode 1

The Capture and Use of Carbon Dioxide

In this first episode of Carbon Copy we learn about the capture and use of carbon dioxide. Mark talks with Issam Dairanieh, Operating Partner at Ascent Capital Holdings; Apoorv Sinha, President of Carbon Upcycling Technologies Inc.; and Brett Henkel, Vice President of Strategic Accounts & Government Affairs for Inventys.

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About Carbon Copy

Join host, Dr. Mark Summers, as he dives into the topics and technology innovations that are critical to delivering sustainable environmental outcomes, attracting investment, and building a diversified, lower carbon economy. Carbon Copy, a new podcast from ERA, takes a closer look at the technologies and people that will change our climate impact and help reshape Alberta’s economy.


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