Emissions Reduction Alberta - Partnership Intake Program

Partnership Intake Program

Working with Trusted Partners across the Canadian innovation ecosystem creates a unified approach to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and securing Alberta’s lower carbon success. ERA’s Partnership Intake Program provides up to $20 million annually to promising GHG-reducing projects. The Partnership Intake Program allows ERA to evaluate proposed projects referred by Trusted Partners, organizations with rigorous, fair, and transparent processes comparable to ERA’s.

When applicants provide ERA with a funding submission, they have the opportunity to have it shared and considered by other funding organizations. This allows technology innovators greater exposure to possible funding streams and access to later-stage funding opportunities beyond ERA’s scope. The approach relieves administrative burdens for industry to apply and get funding; time and money better spent developing technology solutions and business practices.

Funded Projects

In 2018, ERA approved the first set of projects under the Partnership Intake Program. The process has been highly effective for accelerating innovation, maximizing impact through leverage of partner funds, and reducing the administrative burden for project proponents. The referral-based program allows ERA to consider funding promising technologies outside its traditional call for proposal process, allowing for ongoing opportunities to fund innovative GHG-reducing projects brought forward by Trusted Partners.

Working with Trusted Partners across the Canadian innovation ecosystem creates a unified approach to reducing GHG emissions and securing Alberta’s lower carbon success. In 2018/19 the program committed over $24 million in investments to seven projects worth $873 million.

Fractal Systems Inc.
Referred by Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC)
Total project value: $22,000,000 | ERA commitment: $5,000,000

Fractal Systems Inc. is commercially deploying its Enhanced JetShear (EJS) technology for the first time at a Regional Hub facility at a midstream oil and gas site. The technology cost-effectively improves the quality and viscosity of bitumen; lowering transportation costs, increasing export pipeline capacity up to 20 per cent, and cutting wells-to-tank greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 11 per cent.

Carbon Clean Energy Inc.
Referred by Economic Development, Tourism and Trade’s Economic Development Division
Total project value: $285,000,000 |ERA commitment: $5,000,000

Carbon Clean Energy Inc. is developing a $285 million, first-of-its-kind, wheat-based, biofuels facility that aims to create low carbon intensity ethanol in response to Alberta’s new renewable fuel standards. Known as Project Wheatland, the state-of-the-art plant features an energy self-sufficient design that will also generate clean power from biogas production.

SYLVIS Environmental Services
Referred by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
Total project value: $14,000,000 | ERA commitment: $2,100,000

SYLVIS Environmental Services Inc.’s innovative BIOSALIX process will utilize municipal biosolids and other waste organics in the production of wood biomass. The project will be demonstrated on Westmoreland Coal Company’s Paintearth Mine.

Titanium Corporation Inc.
Referred by NRCan
Total project value: $520,000,000|ERA commitment: $5,000,000

The project aims to remediate oil sands froth treatment tailings at Canadian Natural’s Horizon Oil Sands site. Titanium’s technology has the potential to create new economic opportunities by recovering high-value minerals contained in this tailings stream.

Eavor Technologies Inc.
Referred by Alberta Innovates, NRCan, SDTC
Total project value: $10,300,000 |ERA commitment: $1,000,000

Eavor Technologies Inc. has developed the world’s first closed loop geothermal system in a demonstration project near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. The technology uses existing oil and gas drilling technology and expertise to collect heat from below the earth’s surface.

FSG Technologies Inc.
Referred by SDTC
Total project value: $15,000,000 |ERA commitment: $4,800,000

FSG Technologies Inc. will design, build, commission, and operate a field pilot of its for their flash steam generation (FSG) at the Water Technology Development Centre Test Facility, located at Suncor Energy’s Firebag SAGD facility. The technology reduces the amount of natural gas necessary to generate steam through a combination of higher energy efficiency and reduced water treatment.

Ambyint Inc.
Referred by SDTC
Total project value: $6,600,000 |ERA commitment: $2,000,000

Ambyint has developed a digital platform solution for oil and gas producers to enhance productivity and efficiency. The overall project goal is the development and demonstration of a universal adaptive oil and gas well controller and autonomous operating capabilities.


ERA’s Trusted Partners

ERA currently has the following Trusted Partner agreements in place:

More about ERA

Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) is a legal tradename of the Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation.