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It’s a new ERA

Alberta and other jurisdictions around the world recognize that resource development and environmental protection are not competing propositions. Alberta can excel and lead in both.

We are a key partner in addressing Alberta’s Climate Leadership priorities.

ERA was established as a key partner of the Government of Alberta to address climate leadership priorities.

Government provides grants to ERA to enable it to fulfil its mandate. This funding comes from Alberta’s large emitters who choose to pay into the Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund as a compliance option if they are unable to meet emissions reduction targets.

Our aim is to accelerate development of innovative technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and secure Alberta’s success in a lower carbon economy.

We have been rebranded as Emissions Reduction Alberta to more clearly demonstrate the organization’s mandate and reflect that ERA is a key partner in Alberta’s Climate Leadership efforts.

ERA serves an integrating role in a complex system, connecting government policy direction and industry needs to technology solutions.

We’re working collaboratively with other organizations so that together we can provide whole solutions that help advance technologies towards commercialization in Alberta. Whole solutions include the financing, policy, regulatory, program and business innovation required to successfully implement new technologies.

ERA will continue to fine-tune its portfolio to reflect Alberta’s current policy direction, and will benefit from related Government of Alberta initiatives such as the Climate Technology Task Force, the Energy Efficiency Panel and the Alberta Oil Sands Advisory Group.

The ERA portfolio will align with Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan.

It will focus on solutions where there is an identified market need or market demand for new technologies to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

ERA will actively engage with industry and other organizations to continue to identify opportunities to accelerate technology development. We will work with industry organizations to ensure that the technologies we seek will support broader efforts to reduce GHG emissions over the long term.

Within the Alberta innovation system, ERA will focus efforts on technologies at later stages of development that require public funding to address technological barriers to deployment and further their path to commercialization.

Our work will have positive impacts in Alberta, both environmentally and economically.

We’re not just delivering GHG reductions, we are also delivering economic outcomes. We know technology is the engine of environmental and economic opportunity, and ERA funding spurs additional investment and helps create jobs.

ERA is helping Alberta lead the way.

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About ERA

Emissions Reduction Alberta has evolved from Alberta’s Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation. However, our commitment to delivering real solutions that provide definitive change has never been greater.

We work collaboratively with government, industry and the innovation community to secure a lower carbon future for Alberta.

Alberta’s policy direction shapes our portfolio and we focus our efforts on areas where we will have the greatest impact.

ERA nurtures innovation through ongoing collaboration with technology developers, Large Final Emitters and government.

We actively engage with industry and other organizations to identify opportunities to accelerate the technologies that Alberta needs to secure our success in a lower carbon future.

Immediate Action


In advancing innovative ideas that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we support the efforts of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan by taking immediate action and investing in innovation and technology.

The Alberta Climate Leadership Plan commits to:

  • Creating an environmentally responsible, sustainable and visionary Alberta energy industry;
  • Creating green jobs and green infrastructure;
  • Protecting human health; and
  • Diversifying the economy and improving market access.

We are accelerating innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Alberta.

Through the leadership of our provincial government, the mobilization of our innovation system, and the engagement and participation of industry and technology developers, ERA can help Alberta meet its climate leadership goals and support national and global greenhouse emission reduction objectives.

We fund technologies that support existing industries and historical areas of strength, and support technologies in new industries that not only reduce GHG emissions but also create future opportunities. We focus on technologies at later stages of development that require public funding to address barriers to deployment and commercialization.

In the process, we will create jobs, help increase Alberta’s Gross Domestic Product, diversify our economy and become a stronger, more resilient province.

Mandate and Vision



To identify and accelerate innovative solutions that secure Alberta’s success in a lower carbon economy.


Alberta is recognized as an innovation and technology leader in a lower carbon world.

To achieve its vision and mandate, ERA will:

  1. Reduce GHG emissions
    • Fund innovative solutions that result in meaningful greenhouse gas emissions reductions in Alberta and contribute to a lower carbon world.
  2. Advance innovation system priorities
    • Leverage our strengths to contribute to critical climate change innovation priorities in Alberta.
  3. Measure and communicate success
    • Define and report on metrics to demonstrate results.
  4. Achieve operational excellence
    • Strive for excellence in operations and efficiency while maintaining responsiveness to stakeholders and funders.

Annual Report


2015/2016 Annual Report

39 ERA funded projects and initiatives reached completion in the 2015/2016 operating year—including the largest commercial rooftop solar system in Canada. Our annual report profiles the game changing solutions we are advancing along the innovation chain to address GHG emissions and benefit Alberta’s economy and environment.

2014/2015 Annual Report

In the 2014/2015 operating year, Emissions Reduction Alberta, formerly the CCEMC, committed funding to projects that will help to reduce GHG emissions across Alberta’s industry sectors including agriculture, forestry, power generation and in the oil sands.



2016-2019 Business Plan

The refreshed vision, mandate and strategic priorities of CCEMC's 2016-2019 Business Plan helped to inform the rebrand of CCEMC to Emissions Reduction Alberta. ERA's mandate is to identify and accelerate innovative solutions that secure Alberta's success in a lower carbon economy. The business plan outlines how ERA will achieve its mandate and how performance will be measured. Emissions Reduction Alberta is a registered tradename of the Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation.

Summary of Board Honorariums and Expenses

The purpose of this document is to honour Emissions Reduction Alberta's commitment to transparency by disclosing all honorariums and expenses distributed amongst its directors.
Quarterly Disclosures of Board Honorariums and Expenses for FY16, Q1, Q2 & Q3 FY17
Quarterly Disclosure of Board Honorariums and Expenses for FY16

Privacy Policy

The purpose of this document is to outline the procedures and guidelines regulating the use and disclosure of information concerning the business affairs of Emissions Reduction Alberta and its directors, officers, employees and Proponents.
Read ERA Privacy Policy

The Board

Kathleen Sendall, C.M.
Kathleen Sendall, C.M.
Rick Blackwood
Rick Blackwood
Jim Carter, O.C.
Jim Carter, O.C.
Joseph Doucet, PhD.
Joseph Doucet, PhD.
Brenda Kenny, PhD.
Brenda Kenny, PhD.
Robert Mansell, PhD.
Robert Mansell, PhD.
Patricia Mohr
Patricia Mohr
Clive Mather
Clive Mather
Celine Bak
Celine Bak
Sara Hastings-Simon
Sara Hastings-Simon, PhD.

The Team


ERA Management Team (from left to right) Mark Summers, Amanda Amyotte, Heather Stephens, Elizabeth Shirt, Jennifer Cleall and Steve MacDonald.

ERA Management Team (from left to right) Mark Summers, Amanda Amyotte, Heather Stephens, Elizabeth Shirt, Jennifer Cleall and Steve MacDonald.

Apply for Funding

Projects submitted for funding consideration are subject to a multi-step process to ensure that the funds entrusted to ERA are invested in accordance with its mandate.

$40 Million ERA Methane Challenge

ERA has a $40-million funding opportunity for innovators who are seeking funding to advance technologies that reduce methane emissions in Alberta.

ERA and SDTC Funding for Canadian SMEs

ERA, formerly the CCEMC, in partnership with SDTC offered a unique joint funding opportunity to Canadian clean technology innovators and entrepreneurs. Together we offered up to $40 million in funding, with a maximum of $10 million per project, to individual GHG reducing technologies from Canadian Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises that are deployable in Alberta.

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ERA Projects

We invest in technologies that benefit Alberta’s environment and economy.

Technology is the engine of environmental and economic opportunity. Projects that we fund not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but also spur additional investment. For every dollar ERA invests, more than another five dollars are also invested.

As our projects advance, we’ve become more aware of the challenges and opportunities they face. ERA is working with our funded projects to help them address these barriers and successfully advance their technologies in Alberta.

Access our list of projects here:


Energy Efficiency Projects

This area supports projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions by transforming how we use energy, applying energy-efficient solutions and conserving energy. Our energy efficiency funding helps organizations reduce carbon dioxide emissions by finding ways to make their operations use less energy, or burn less fossil fuels.


Renewable Energy Projects

Technologies funded through this platform focus on alternative ways to produce energy to help Alberta grow this sector, such as wind, solar and bioenergy. These clean energy solutions are leading the way in reducing carbon dioxide emissions by providing a substitution for burning fossil fuels as a means to produce energy.


Cleaner Energy Production Projects

This area focuses on supporting efforts to reduce emissions from fossil fuels while sustaining Alberta’s role as a global energy leader. Clean energy technologies find new ways to reduce carbon emissions during the energy production process.


Carbon Capture and Storage Projects

Also known as carbon capture and sequestration, this area of funding focuses on projects that capture and store carbon dioxide and assess its potential uses and value. Carbon capture methods involve capturing the carbon emissions from industrial emitters. The carbon dioxide is then transported to an approved site where it is stored deep underground. Alberta's carbon capture and storage projects contribute significantly to the province's greenhouse gas reduction targets.


Carbon Uses Projects

Projects in this category were funded through the ERA Grand Challenge: Innovative Carbon Uses. These projects focus on technologies or processes that produce high value goods from greenhouse gases, biological processes that capture/consume carbon and convert it into a new viable product, high-value materials with high carbon content that could be produced from greenhouse gases or technologies that fix captured carbon into solid or readily transportable starting materials.


Biological Projects

These projects reduce emissions from biological sources, such as crop and livestock production, the forest industry and municipal waste handling. Some biological projects are funded through the ERA Biological GHG Management Program that is administered on our behalf by Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions. Other projects were identified through the ERA competitive Request for Proposals process.


Other Projects

This platform focuses on helping Alberta reduce climate change impact now while increasing our resilience to future effects. Our climate change adaptation projects will enhance our understanding of the impacts and potential management responses on wildlife, ecosystems, forestry and watersheds.

ERA Grand Challenge - Innovative Carbon Uses - Round 2

Nations around the globe have been working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One way to achieve this is through the development of new technologies.

Through the ERA Grand Challenge: Innovative Carbon Uses, we are reaching out to the world and seeking the best solutions for Alberta to move carbon dioxide from a waste stream to an asset. We aim to make significant and verifiable GHG reductions by converting CO2 emissions into new carbon-based products and markets.

Winners of Round Two of the competition were announced March 1st, 2017.

ERA News

Note: Content includes items which pre-date the organization’s name change from Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation to Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA).

Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) Names Chief Executive Officer

April 13, 2017
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Emissions Reduction Alberta announces winning projects for Round Two of the ERA Grand Challenge: Innovative Carbon Uses

March 1, 2017
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February 28, 2017
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Emissions Reduction Alberta releases annual report

February 21, 2017
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SPARK 2017 Call for Abstracts

May 25, 2017
We invite you to submit an abstract for paper or digital poster, and/or oral presentations at the SPARK 2017 Conference.

ERA Round Two Grand Challenge winners to be announced at PROPEL 2017

February 28, 2017
The Round Two winners from the ERA Grand Challenge: Innovative Carbon Uses will be announced at the PROPEL…

$40 million CCEMC-SDTC joint funding call accepting submissions now

March 14, 2016
The Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC) and Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) are offering up to $40 million…

CCEMC earmarks $10 million to build a $20 million facility to produce renewable transportation fuel

March 14, 2016
Edmonton-based SBI BioEnergy has developed a technology that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by creating a renewable fuel that is virtually…